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indivduals with individual talents.

Scott Keyser | Owner
"I'm passionate about helping companies and organizations get the most from creative media. If someone asked me what would I like to excel in, I'd say 'everything'. I always strive to be the best in my business, in my relationships, and in my life. If my company is a reflection of that, then my clients will be successful as well."
Favorite things to do:
Express my creativity through virtually any media. Also enjoy hang gliding and traveling.

Sara | Programmer
"I have over 10 years experience as a Full Stack Developer and have been working with MICO for more than 4 years. I love programming and am familiar with nearly every language (PHP, Javascript, HTML, and more). Bring me your challenges: database development, complex web site designs, or custom site administrations!"
Favorite things to do:
Spend time with my family, travel, and enjoy delicious food! Oh, and NOT get my picture taken :-)
Erin | Photograper & Graphic Designer
"I have 10+ years experience in the creative field with a degree in graphic design. I love design and am always eager to create something that the client will be excited about. Photography is also very special to me. I enjoy the challenge and freedom of capturing images that have meaning."
Favorite things to do:
Spend time with my family, photograph people & nature, decorate.