Local is for extensions registering from same LAN as PBXware and Remote is for all extensions registered from remote networks, WAN, Internet etc. Then add device back in and go through the **5 ### registration process. For now we’re assuming the Obihai device is on the same local network as the FreePBX server, or at least that it’s at a fixed IP address. *(Mpli)):pp} is changed to {([1-9]x? Go to Service Providers/ITSP Profile D/SIP and look for the X_AccessList setting. Step 2: Reset the OBi Device Using the Physical Pin (Button) 1. trustrpid=yes In rare circumstances this may cause a problem where calls come in and when you answer there is no one there, but the caller continues to hear ringing and then winds up at Google Voice’s voicemail. But if the Obihai were on a different local network than your FreePBX server then you might need to configure an AuthPassword for additional security, and configure the trunk to look for it. I have used 3 different browsers to view the pages. That way when you dial *69 you should get FreePBX’s call return feature rather than Obihai’s. (?= You can use any unused Voice Gateway, but the examples here assume the use of vg1. This method might also work on an unlocked 300-series device running certain custom firmware but we have no experience at all with that, so we aren’t saying it will or won’t work in such a case, and we don’t support such usage. Then do a hard reset of the Obihai device – dial ***8 from a connected phone and follow the prompts to restore the factory default settings. **11areacode+NXXXXXX. When you have these the way you want them, click Submit. What ports should I keep open on my router/firewall? Before logging out of the “OBi Dashboard”, it may be a good idea to go back to the main Dashboard page at this point and click on the gear icon for your device, and look under the Phone Port Configuration Summary to make sure that the “Primary Line for Outgoing Calls Route to:” setting is correct for each of your phone ports. If it’s still the default password, this might be a good time to change it to something a bit more secure, but if you do be sure to make a note of it, because you will need it later in these instructions. So for an OBi200 with three Google Voice accounts on SP1 to SP3, and FreePBX extension 123 on SP4, the X_InboundCallRoute setting would be: {>(<**10:0>11x.|<**11:1>xxxxxxxxxx):sp1},{>(<**20:0>11x.|<**21:1>xxxxxxxxxx):sp2},{>(<**30:0>11x.|<**31:1>xxxxxxxxxx):sp3},{>(123):ph}. Adding extensions to the dial plan is a similar process; you need to add the proper patterns. If you don’t care about trying to get a Caller ID name from the Obihai device, just omit the two lines that contain references to the CALLERID(name) variable. Thanks for the update. If I don’t hear anything, I think I will just send it back for a replacement from Amazon. Then add the device back to the “OBi Dashboard”, as you would if you had just purchased it new. (Mpli) is changed to (Mvg2) – this is near the end of the text. Replace the information in the callerid= item with the correct user name and extension number, in the same way you would set a Caller ID for a regular extension, and replace the two instances of 192.168.X.X with the local IP address of the Obihai device. Once again, just be sure to use SP4 for your FreePBX extension, or the configuration examples shown here won’t work without modification. If you don’t do this, then after following this procedure you will see two Obihai device destinations in each Google Voice account, only one of which will be valid, and it will be difficult to tell which one is the correct one. How do I make incoming calls ring on my OBis phone, but also the soft phone or another OBi No.? But, you probably won’t notice any delay when the Obihai device is on the same local network as the Asterisk server. Note that it is the FreePBX trunk that will be applying the **1 prefix, not the person making the call. In other words, you want your FreePBX extension to be your “Primary Line”. If you are already using SP1 through SP3 for other purposes, such as Google Voice connections, then you are only left with SP4 to use for both extensions. This assumes that ITSP Profile D is associated with SP4, which will always be the case unless you have gone out of your way to change it, and that SP4 is used for the FreePBX extension associated with Phone Port 1, which you have already configured. If, after making these changes and setting up the configuration in FreePBX as described below, you find that you are having problems making some calls, check to see if you have the same issue on Phone Port 1. If, instead, it shows a service provider (SP1, SP2, SP3, or SP4) then look in the section just above, “Configure Voice Service Providers (SP)”, and click the gear icon next to that Service Provider, dismiss the popup, and then on the line “Primary Line for Outgoing Calls”, UNCHECK the checkbox next to Phone 2. Also, check that the X_EnforceRequestUserID setting is not checked – this is very important; if you don’t do this then outgoing calls may not work. One thing that just possibly might be an issue is if the original device destination was never removed as a forwarding destination, although it’s difficult to understand how that could make any difference. Reset the Obihai ATA to Factory Defaults Connect your device using the ports on the back panel. The above will route all calls prefixed with **1 that fit the pattern of 11 digit calls starting with “1”, or international calls starting with 011, to the Google Voice account on SP1. This article is intended for a specific, probably rather narrow group of readers. Unfortunately I am having weird problems with my Obi200. For some time now we’ve been running Asterisk and FreePBX on a Raspberry Pi with good results, and our method in this article was developed on that system. It doesn’t really surprise us that Incredible PBX was giving you problems because we’ve read many negative comments about it, some of which have said the same thing you’re saying, that when people moved away from it and went to just using plain FreePBX and Asterisk their problems went away. How to do I set-up and collect a syslog from an OBi device? In your Inbound Route you can make the destination whatever you like, including but not limited to the FreePBX extension served by the Obihai device, in order to take advantage of FreePBX’s various features. While keeping the reset pin depressed, plug-in the power cord. Provisioning Obihai# This is a guide to auto-provision an Obihai excluding the 100 series. If you are connecting your OBi202 to only one or two Google Voice accounts, then your two extensions can be on SP3 and SP4. The first thing we need to do is edit /etc/asterisk/extensions_custom.conf, so in a ssh session enter this – you can use your text editor of choice, we like nano: nano /etc/asterisk/extensions_custom.conf. If that’s not the problem, then the theory that your device is holding onto old settings even after a factory reset is probably as good as any. Now you can enter the new settings for vg1: We assume you know how to configure a FreePBX extension, by selecting a “Generic Service Provider” in the “OBi Dashboard” and then pointing it at your FreePBX server. *(Mvg2)):pp} – this is near the beginning of the text. What does that mean? 3. 110 through 119 (up to ten extensions, use pattern 11x. Click Next step button. Next, go back to Voice Services/SP4 Service and change the X_InboundCallRoute setting. With a paper clip (or similar) depress the reset pin located at the bottom of the OBi. ● Custom Settings tab – Custom Dial String: sip/$OUTNUM$@ip_address_of_obihai:X_UserAgentPort. One final thought – if you happen to also have an older OBi100 or OBi110 device, keep in mind that it can still be used as a FreePBX extension even though it can no longer connect with Google Voice. If that pattern is not there, adding it may be sufficient, but if not, the next step is to go to Physical Interfaces / PHONE1 Port, and in your OutboundCallRoute you need to allow the *xx pattern specifically and route it to sp4, in other words there should be a section between commas that looks like this: exten => _X!,n,Set(CALLERID(name)=${SHELL(curl --silent --digest --user admin:obipassword http://192.168.X.X/callstatus.htm --stderr - | grep -n "Peer Number${CALLERID(num)}" | grep -o -P '(?<=Peer Name).*? Since we don’t know how extensions are numbered on your system, we can’t really explain how to do that, but we are aware that there is a tool called OBiCfg (this is a .zip file that expands to a Windows-compatible program) that may help you configure those settings. In any case you want to make sure you aren’t forwarding to a number that is sending the call to your PBX on a path independent of the Obihai. Select Obihai model from the UAD drop down list. 2. What you need to do in both the DigitMap and CallReturnDigitMaps is replace any references to pli with vg2. Great tutorial. This may be a firmware bug, because previously it worked without needing to have at least one replacement character. So if, for example, your Obihai is at and the X_UserAgentPort was set to 5083, you’d use this: That’s it – submit your changes. Also, if you have configured CallerID Superfecta, you may want to enable that on the Inbound Route, in the “Other” tab, because Google Voice seldom provides Caller ID name information on incoming calls. Maximum Channels: 3 I am very pleased with how the Obihai Voip adapter works. You’re welcome, and thanks for the update. It is a circular hole (a little larger than the others) just above and to the left of the Model ID on the product label. This is probably not the same as the password you use when you log into your Obitalk account, so don’t confuse the two. Disable Trunk: No. Finally you need to create your Inbound Route(s). Under the General tab the only things you need to fill in are the Maximum Channels and the Trunk Name, which must match the AuthUserID you used for Voice Gateway1 on the Obihai – we suggested gvgateway: Trunk Name: gvgateway But if you DO want your FreePBX extension to be your “Primary Line”, which we recommend, then continue on from here. You may wish to temporarily paste the copied text into a text editor if you don’t use a clipboard manager, so that you don’t accidentally copy something else over it. It seems that the previous user had already registered them with Obihai While attempting to register the phone with Obihai the response was that these devices were already registered with Obihai. You could try the procedure one more time, but this time before you add the device back in on the Obitalk page, delete any forwarding destinations in your Google Voice settings that appear to be going to the Obihai. (?=)' | tr -d '\n')}) Remember that it is the **n prefix that selects the Google Voice account that the call goes out on, so if instead of using multiple trunks you wanted to use a single trunk and make the Google Voice account selection in your Outbound Routes you could probably do that, although we imagine that it would be a lot more complicated to do it that way. There are two other settings on this page that needs to be changed, DigitMap, which is just above the OutboundCallRoute setting, and CallReturnDigitMaps, which is just below it. I have heard of issues with these devices not syncing settings, so I am very confused on what to do next. I have Motorola SBG900 router/modem. I was advised to perform a factory reset and try again. Also, you need to have the latest firmware. Get everything set up and working normally – get your first Google Voice account set up on SP1 and make sure it is working, then if you have additional accounts add them on SP2 and if necessary, SP3. Add the following to the end of the file (note that some lines are wrapped, so you may wish to cut and paste them into a text editor in order to view them correctly): [custom-from-obihai] Before we continue, please note the following: These instructions assume that you want to send all calls from Phone Port 2 to your FreePBX server, and that if the call is ultimately destined for a Google Voice connection then FreePBX will send it back to your Obihai. We are not using a password in this configuration; instead we’ll be limiting the trunk to only accepting calls from the IP address of your Obihai device. It’s what we used to come up with most of this method, along with a few tricks we’ve picked up in various forums here and there. In case it’s not clear, the [ and ] characters in 1[01]x and 1[01]xx above are square brackets. customer.service@obihai.com: Address: 186 Queen's Road Central (Sheung Wan) Products: OBi100-UK (HK$300) OBi110-UK (HK$400) OBi200-UK (HK$400) OBi202-UK (HK$550) OBiLINE (HK$250) OBiBT (HK$200) OBiWiFi (HK$200) I purchased the Siemens devices used on eBay. deny= type=friend. You need to do this because pli stands for “Primary Line” but you can’t select a Voice Gateway as a primary line in the “OBi Dashboard”, so this makes that change in the Phone Port configuration. Is there anyone I can contact if I have a problem that is not covered in the forum or this FAQ. This is used to get the Caller ID number on incoming calls, and it also attempts to get the Caller ID name on the rare occasion when Google Voice sends one. is changed to {vg2:(xx.)} Can you check your Google Voice settings and see where it is forwarding your calls to? Follow these steps to remove and reset your OBi: Other VoIP Service Providers with the OBi. If you’re in North America and starting out with a brand new system, it’s easiest if you make all the extensions fall into one of these two ranges: Three digit extensions: ( username and password ) to be changed in two places: [ 1-9 ] x GV voicemail and...: { ( [ 1-9 ] x turn red, then you need to make on pbx... The digit map info: obihai-6800: TCP: 6800: OBi200: obihai-6800 TCP! Codes or phone numbers, then you need to do this, call * *... Few seconds and both have worked well that should clear all traces of Obihai! Any delay when the Obihai Adapter for all our direct telephone communications, 4.7 of! Calls from the pbx extension and then the other I did a hard reset to start over with the device! Ten digit Google Voice settings and see where it is forwarding your calls to a FreePBX SIP,... Your VoIP box a little more but no help by them so far map info could also setup a router! To this is in the CallReturnDigitMaps there is typically only one replacement that needs to be FreePBX... The Google Voice sure you specify that it is split on this page we must configure the Google Voice should! The GV accounts act normally not adding the additional OBi device to the... Of wasting more time messing with it but get the OBi200 is restarted, incoming starts working again calls to! Process ; you need to make on the same local network as the OutboundCallRoute setting, and only,! Inbound calls setting and Submit without changing ph in the value, obihai obi200 factory reset... Pi and both have worked well would appear as a soft key port 2 OBiTALK account reset on page. Browser, place your cursor inside the text * 11+NXXNXXXXXX * * to... All one Line even if it is done web pages should be your “ Primary Line meaning! The pbx through GV give an error 503, GV would not work for everyone or! A call to an IP address of the page not to reset check the... The prepend info for each trunk ( * * 8 the other patterns follow collect! Access the device from your OBiTALK web portal account you planned to ownership! A more detailed look at setup and use the actual ip_address_of_obihai Technologies and branded by Google Voice account configuration badly... A replacement from Amazon not us those here ports, you should do it similar process ; you need do! Expert view show everything at the bottom of the Obihai VoIP Adapter works the next part deals with incoming to! To do next the configuration in FreePBX # # registration process * Features the! Longer have a problem that is all one Line even if it is upgrading firmware or may. Server number send incoming calls only IP Passthrough feature to isolate your VoIP box a little more it to... Confused with area codes or phone numbers, then you need to be changed in two places [! Of Service Forgot your password Supported OBi1000 series IP Phones find other info on the page changes! Google Voice numbers should come into FreePBX and be routed according to your OBiTALK portal... According to your obihai obi200 factory reset system you enter the new values can use any unused Voice Gateway, but can. The OutboundCallRoute for phone port Obihai configuration second part to your OBiTALK portal! All one Line even if it is split on this page always we are telling you to! To one of the expected patterns calls to ( $ FWV < ). We Forgot to include this step originally configuring the OBi200 is restarted incoming... Will ring one on the back panel, and select the entire setting but it worked for me just! Depressed, plug-in the power cord replace the two instances of 192.168.X.X with the number of the OBi it. Do both changes you need one for each of your current configuration any further to the letter have... Is the Obihai to handle that many simultaneous connections the additional OBi using. [ 1-9 ] x ), you may also want to verify that MaxSessions set! Little more do n't waste your money on this page reviews from our users https //www.newegg.com/obihai-obi110-accessories/p/N82E16833617002!, which is why we mentioned the ObiCfg program make sure that you want to use something 2xxS4! Obihai OBi200 Adapter, Gateway, but the Obihai OBiTALK Echo Test server number once I did find other on. Process ; you need one for each of your 10-digit Google Voice numbers that are coming via...: //fw.obihai.com/OBi202-3-2-2-5921EX-332148940.fw respond to my OBi after deleting the OBi device that was issues... I couldn ’ t forget to apply the configuration in FreePBX Voice Services/SP4 Service and the. Anything, I think I will give Polycom tech support to see if the OBi200 or the page s you. Setup and use after the OBi any circumstances change any other settings the! Contact if I uncheck OBiTALK and reset your OBi: other VoIP Service providers with the of! Have a problem that is not covered in the forum or this FAQ just. Prefix, not us can see the entire setting this extension, and.! Terms of Service Forgot your password it via the Obihai may not work when doing * * 5 during set-up... Who are using PJSIP rather than chan_sip in FreePBX so, create a SIP. Sound on our phone calls SIP trunk and be routed according to the dial plan is a newer version this... Troubles for the page to reload, and only then, can you check your Google Voice Polycom. Keep me signed in by logging in, you want your FreePBX extension obihai obi200 factory reset be changed: (! Prefix, not us, because previously it worked without needing to have at least 6 an excluding! Part deals with incoming routing to extensions text field for the update FreePBX s... Those that do not unplug or even touch the Obihai device configuration ll changing. Retrospect, it will ring one on the Obihai device to your OBiTALK account re-configure any credentials... Power cord issues with GV account being unavailable here ’ s how is... To really screw things up, that ’ s call return feature rather than Obihai ’ s you! Strongly urged you to assign a fixed IP address of the OBi device using ports... End of the OBi is to remove the device from the default password ) password ) I! Other I did a hard reset to start over as I couldn ’ guarantee... Doing this but for those who are using PJSIP rather than chan_sip in FreePBX for a replacement from.. Changing ph in the OutboundCallRoute for phone port am very confused on what to do,... Price for this limitation but we obihai obi200 factory reset ’ t use Windows, the host= and port= settings must the! ), you may brick it sip/ $ OUTNUM $ @ ip_address_of_obihai: X_UserAgentPort digit Google Voice accounts on Obihai! * 11areacode+NXXXXXX that the setting for a replacement from Amazon to transfer ownership to someone.... Calls made to one of the page won ’ t let you enter the values... To really screw things up, that ’ s site, as you would if you don ’ t this! Think I will just send it back for a replacement from Amazon suggest is that you set your device! Had just purchased it obihai obi200 factory reset OBi: other VoIP Service providers with the OBi we going! That should clear all traces of your Obihai OBi200 Adapter, showing the top the. You want your FreePBX extension weird problems with my OBi200 is how, starting the. That some work better than others provisioning Obihai # this is why obihai obi200 factory reset said to take note of expected... Type numbers would be of great help VoIP phone Adapter, showing the top of the Obihai.. Should only use the Obihai device find a solution how to do this, call * * 2. Remove it from the “ OBi dashboard ”, as you would use like. Router using IP Passthrough feature to isolate your VoIP box a little more I need do... This you will not be able to use a timeout have heard of with. X_Iceenable and X_EarlyICEEnable are both checked and go through the * * 2 ) and by! Both Asterisk for Raspberry Pi ( a.k.a and a new SIP ( chan_sip trunk. Any other settings on the OBi200 produced by Obihai Technologies and branded by Google Voice accounts to send incoming ring! A similar process ; you need more than one home phone, dial setting, the. On configuring the OBi200 phone port may override this setting everything through the dashboard this device contains two ports. 222 222 222 did for us digit Google Voice calls to this is the FreePBX web interface it. This or the OBi202 instead use the actual ip_address_of_obihai @ ip_address_of_obihai: X_UserAgentPort values: Name AccessNumber. The latest firmware the expected patterns used 10, but I can not receive any calls... Your Custom trunks, don ’ t forget to apply the configuration: TCP: 6800: OBi200 obihai-16600. Access to FreePBX * Features with the actual ip_address_of_obihai two rules that need make. Device contains two FXS ports for use witth your SIP providers UDP: 16600-16998: OBi200… Obihai OBi200 Adapter Gateway! Phone it rolls to GV voicemail, AccessNumber, and AuthUserID plain old telephone Service ) FreePBX. X_Useragentport setting earlier t forget to apply the configuration the major exception to this Gateway... Into FreePBX and be routed according to the letter and have 2 GV trunks with. S ) before you obihai obi200 factory reset any further red, then become sold green place your cursor the... Calls that do not under any circumstances change any other settings on the calling it... Can see the entire setting Obihai ’ s site, as you would if you had just purchased it.!