May 19, 2017 3 0 0. Unable to save screenshots and world icons if the path contains non-ASCII characters. A. Apaar_ New member. XML Word Printable. Bypass Screenshot Restriction on Apps, save the Screen Capture with the following methods, and fix Couldn't Capture Screenshot Message on Android. No question is too small or too “newbie" to answer. There also no screenshots folder in Pictures. If it were my guess, it'd be the bank application over-riding the screenshot, not that the phone isn't capable. Set screenshot under settings as described before, then hold down your power button and the menu will pop up enabling a screen shot. Uninstalling one drive did nothing now screenshots wont save at all. DannyM93, Mar 20, 2018: That's a feature of the app. Make sure it has permission to write to storage (on my phone Permissions option is grayed out, so no way to change it, but check anyway), also clear data of it. Earlier it was easy to take Screenshot on Android Phone on any app but with the increase of security threats and privacy concerns, Android started restriction for screen capture on certain apps. Export. Log In. Go to Settings -> Apps, enable system apps.and find app "Screenshot". You can try this application for capturing the phone Screenshot might be this application work for you cause app reserves some space for work. Obviously to protect your info. Related Search Terms: couldn’t save screenshot storage may be in use; couldn’t capture screenshot due to limited storage; unable to take screenshot prevented by security policy; couldn’t save screenshot content is protected by drm I tried moving the old one drive screenshots folder into pictures but windows + PrtScn still does nothing. The Question Form is just at the bottom of this page. Then, from the Save As menu choose JPEG Picture (or PNG). . It probably does this in the secret chat so that secrets stay secrets Try either the Internet browser or get on a laptop and take a picture of it? Hit Save to save the image to the JPEG format. Then, select an appropriate location where to save the file make sure that Save as type is set to JPEG (or PNG). Please … Sent from my SM-N900T using XDA Premium 4 mobile app Note: Users do not need to register an account before submitting and answering questions. Some apps can disable screenshots on certain pages/screens in order to protect privacy. Pressing windows + PrtScn does nothing. ... Couldn't save screenshot Could not write image to the PNG file "###\screenshots\2018-02-11_22.40.50.png": Corrupt JPEG at csp.a(SourceFile:306) ~[18w06a.jar:?] They would save on one drive but i want them to save on my computer in pictures. May 24, 2017 at 6:56 AM #13 IronRoo said: Newbie Forum | FAQ is a great resource for new SAMSUNG GALAXY and XIAOMI phone users to find answers to questions they have about their Android devices. Re: Unable to capture screen shot on moto G5s pluse 2018-04-07, 14:11 PM Jio tv allows taking screenshot in moto g4 plus but doesnt allows the same for moto g5 S plus model,why?. This is the last trick if You are still getting the same issue of couldn’t save screenshot so now you can try the Screenshot application for capturing the screenshot from your phone device. Hopefully one of these solutions can help address your issue with not being able to take a screenshot. Details.